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Tineke Bot

Tineke Bot was born in Hilversum in 1945. She got lessons in drawing and painting from the artist Bob ten Hoope. Another artist Mari Andriessen helped her with her first steps at learning sculpting. Tineke Bot is primarily known for making sculptures but she also does graphic art, watercolors and paintings.
Her first major exhibition was in Laren (NH) in 1974, since then her work has been shown in Amsterdam, The Hague and Den Bosch. Soon exhibitions abroad followed, among them shows in Paris, Lyons, Grenoble, Albertville, Athens and Basel.

Tineke has done a lot of commissions for city councils and companies including the Dutch railway company NS, the Dutch public gas company NAM and Vendex. Her work can be seen in public places in over 20 cities in The Netherlands.
Her sculptures, which range from figurative pieces through to pure geometrical studies, reveal that the human being, as both a corporeal and a spiritual entity, lies at the center of her creation. During the casting process she works closely with the caster which results in an impressive list of works.
She has lived and worked in France since 1995.