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Hermien Buytendijk

Hermien Buytendijk was born in Groningen in 1948. She spent the bigger part of her youth in Heerlen. Her study of clinical psychology was briefly interrupted by drawing and painting lessons she got from the artist Harry Koolen (1904-1985). After successfully completing her studies she took etching lessons at the Vrije Academie of The Hague from 1975-1979. She got her first baking oven for making ceramic art in 1988. Soon this hobby turned into her daily work.

Her first exhibition was in 1991, since then she has done exhibitions on a regular basis.
Hermien gets her inspiration from everyday life, from a fantasy, a dream. She puts every idea to paper. During the working process the sculpture gets a more definite shape and its own unique title. This title influences the sculpture and it defines its final shape. Humor is a key factor in her sculptures.
Many recurring themes are hollow-round sculptures (opposing shapes), openwork sculptures, seats and sofas, musical instruments and other shapes that grow together into human or animal figures. Her sculptures are made of a coarse grain clay and baked at 1200 degrees Celsius, this is known as stoneware. It's a very hard material with a muted color. After baking the sculptures are painted with pigments in earthy and blue tones after which they are glazed. Hermien makes her own glazes. The final touches and decorations are made in gold leaf before and sometimes after baking.